Steamboats and heat resistant products

Steamboats hold a majestic place in folklore and storytelling. When we talk about a steam boat, the mental image that comes to a person’s mind is that of a ship with smoke billowing out from one of its chimneys. The steam boat generally makes use of steam power in order to propel itself forwards. It makes use of paddle wheels as well as driving propellers in order to drive the boat forward. In most common cases, the prefix designation S. S is applied before steam boats. S. S stands for ‘steam ships’. The Titanic was also a steam ship. However, the term steamboat is used for much smaller sized boats that are usually operable on rivers and lakes.


The Naked Truth about Using a Tandoori Oven to Cook

Overview of Tandoori Oven

Tandoori oven is a cylindrically shaped large oven that is heated with the aid of wood or charcoal fire supplied from within the lower part of the oven. The cylinder is hollow within where the charcoal is placed. The food you want to cook is either hung directly on top of the fire or stuck to the sides of the clay surface. This type of cooking can as well be referred to as radiant heat or hot air cooking due to the fact that the food comes in direct contact with the fire. The cooking speed in Tandoori oven is very fast for the reason that the heat in it goes up to almost 480 degrees Celsius which is equivalent to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to make the process of cooking food quick and easy, this temperature is maintained for several hours.